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Katy Perry was dropping huge baby name clues for months

Perry and fiance Orlando Bloom announced via UNICEF that they are now the proud parents of a daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom.

And Perry’s been publicly daisy-mad for months now – most notably, dropping a single called Daisies back in May, a soaring self-belief anthem with a music video that saw the singer cradling her growing baby... (  )

Star reveals why she refused to go on The Ellen show

Amid a disastrous PR storm that has engulfed 62-year-old Ellen this year, with allegations she is “mean” and the culture at her long-running show is toxic, O’Donnell admitted she felt sorry for the star.

“You can’t fake your essence,” O’Donnell told Busy Phillips on her podcast Busy Philipps... (  )

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