Iconic role Aussie star lost to Liam Neeson

The Man from Snowy River actor, 80, revealed he almost landed the coveted role of Oskar Schindler in 1993’s Schindler’s List.

In the wide-ranging interview covering his upbringing, career, recent health battle and industry titbits from the 70s and beyond, a raw and honest Thompson pursed his lips as Anh asked about the role... (  )

"eaoe ": UFW-2020

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"Oaee aa 2018" Ukrainian Fashion Week (+ )

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Ukrainian New Fashion Days 2020: a oa-ooa

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DJ Erick Morillo dead days before court hearing for sexual battery charges

His death was confirmed to Miami Beach outlet Local 10 News by Miami Beach Police Department’s Ernesto Rodriguez.

He was found dead after police responded to a call at 10:42am, and detectives are currently in the early stages of an investigation.

No other details, such as cause and date of the death have been announced.

TMZ... (  )

oaea oa, : Love Kyiv ()

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